About Us


Ensysce Biosciences is developing first-in-class and uniquely innovative solutions in oral drug delivery.

Our proprietary TAAP™ and MPAR® technologies improve the care and safety of patients by preventing the possibility of both abuse and overdose of prescription drugs.

Our mission is to revolutionize the safety and oral delivery of medicines for areas of high unmet need.

Our Philosophy

Ensysce focuses on innovative chemistry to meet research & development goals.

Our approach is to look at drug delivery from a different view, using sophisticated chemistry to change the mode of activation rather than just modify a formulation. We combine anti-abuse and anti-overdose technology to effectively control the way a drug is turned on or turned off. This works by means of a unique 2-step verification mechanism for oral administration.

The industry
and Us

“Our technology advancements can change people’s lives. We are striving to make a difference.”

D. Lynn Kirkpatrick, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

“We know our approaches cannot only provide advances in pain medicine but they also benefit our society. Our team is inspired by this combined mission.”

Dave Humphrey

Chief Financial Officer

“We target the toughest diseases where suffering is high and abuse or overdose can be an issue. Our mission is simple, reduce suffering using advanced technologies”

Geoff Birkett

Chief Commercial Officer

“We can’t stop severe and chronic pain, but the Ensysce team are committed to helping manage it safely, using advanced chemistry”

Linda Pestano, PhD

Chief Development Officer

“Our unique prodrugs provide intrinsic safety and efficacy, obviating the need for confounding formulation tricks as abuse deterrents”

Jeffrey Millard, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

“Being able to protect against opioid overdose – using MPAR technology – is a disruptive technology that will set Ensysce apart from all other conventional and abuse-deterrent opioid products!”

Dr. William Schmidt, PhD

Chief Medical Officer