FINALLY: a solution to
the opioid Crisis


Opioid abuse has been declared a public
health emergency

Pain medications are essential for improving the care and outcomes for the 100 million adults
living with chronic pain in the United States.

And yet, more than 130 people die every day from opioid-related overdoses.


Meanwhile the cost of medical treatment and lost productivity associated with chronic pain is
estimated at $560-$635 billion annually.


We Believe in Paving
a new way forward


Ensysce intends to launch the first new
class of Opioid analgesics in decades —
limiting the chances for abuse
while alleviating pain

We’re a biotech company committed to stemming the prescription drug abuse epidemic.
Our proprietary prodrug technologies:abuse resistant TAAP™ and overdose resistant MPAR™
are designed to improve the care of patients with chronic pain while reducing the human
and economic costs associated with prescription drug abuse.


Until now — the industry has approached
opioid abuse by altering the drug product
through formulation.

That hasn't worked.


Our solution comes from altering
the drug substance through Chemistry.


Ensysce is disrupting the field of abuse
and overdose with its prodrug approach
to prevention

Ensysce is developing a proprietary abuse-resistant prodrug technology called TAAP™
a highly novel platform that eliminates the possibility for abuse by snorting,
extracting, injection or chewing.

TAAP™-opioids have the potential to meet the medical needs of patients living with chronic pain,
while providing a solution to the national epidemic of prescription opioid abuse, limiting their use
to oral administration.

In addition, our unique Multi-Pill Abuse Resistant technology MPAR™ provides another layer
of protection, eliminating the possibility of overdose.

Together TAAP™ and MPAR™ are designed to work in conjunction,
both to overcome abuse and — ultimately — to save lives.


Our proprietary technology
has applications beyond just opioids

In addition to working with all known prescription opioid drugs, our abuse-resistant drug technologies
TAAP™ and MPAR™ have broad potential across a variety of other drugs with the possibility of abuse. 

For example, we currently have multiple TAAP™ products in the pipeline including one for ADHD.


The FDA granted Fast Track designation for
TAAP™-PF614 in January 2018

TAAP™-PF614 is a proprietary prodrug of oxycodone and our lead abuse-resistant opioid drug. We have made it our priority program due to the crisis of opioid abuse and the urgent need for a more abuse-resistant form of this important pain therapy.




To imagine the impossible
takes both brilliant minds and a vision.

We’re proud to say our team is made up of just that — people and minds both driven by passion
and full of potential. Our company is led by a team of executives and directors with vast experience
and proven track records in pain, drug development and commercialization.


Executive Management team


Chief Executive Officer

“Turning a ship in a storm is never easy. We have been weathering the opioid crisis and now have the wind behind us!”
“As crisis and consolidation occur in the opioid sector, Ensysce is positioned to become both best in class and market leader in abuse deterrence.”


Chief Business Officer



Chief Financial Officer

“We know a change is needed in prescription pain medicine - but it needs to also benefit our society. Our team is inspired by this combined mission.”
“Being able to protect against opioid overdose – using MPAR technology – will set Ensysce apart from all other conventional and abuse-deterrent opioid products.”


Chief Medical Officer



Chief Commercial Officer

“We are fighting a war against pain and dangerous opioids. We need to change the rules of engagement. Formulations haven’t worked so we went back to basic chemistry.”
“Our unique prodrugs provide intrinsic safety and efficacy, obviating the need for confounding formulation tricks as abuse deterrents.”


Chief Operating Officer

D. Lynn Kirkpatrick, PhD


Dr. Kirkpatrick has focused her entire career on drug discovery and development. Former Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry in Canada, she has co-founded two start up companies and successfully brought three novel cancer drug candidates into human clinical trails.

Following the acquisition of her first company, by Biomira Inc., (Oncothyreon) in 2006, Dr. Kirkpatrick took the role as the Chief Scientific Officer of the merged company. She became President and CEO of Ensysce Biosciences Inc. in January 2009.

Dr. Kirkpatrick received her PhD from the University of Saskatchewan and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine. She has published extensively in the area of targeted drug discovery and development and holds numerous patents for novel targeted drugs and delivery technology.

Richard Wright, MSE, MBA


Richard Wright has held positions in investment banking, venture capital, and intellectual property advisory. He is a partner at Ren Capital Partners, a Beijing based global healthcare fund. Richard has been a strategic advisor to Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the largest healthcare conglomerate in southeast Asia, focusing on pharmaceutical development and market entry strategies.

Richard was Managing Director of Newstock Capital an intellectual property investment bank advising investment firms, hedge funds, and multi-national banks on patent financing, investing, and divestitures in the healthcare space. Prior to Newstock, Richard managed a worldwide intellectual property healthcare investment fund for General Electric.

In addition he co-founded an immunology biotech company which was later sold to a private equity concern, and was involved with Guardian Technology Partners, a pharmaceutical and chemical patent advisory firm in Philadelphia that was sold to investment bank Boenning & Scattergood.

Richard has an MSE in biotechnology/technology management from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering & Applied Sciences and the Wharton School of Business (EMTM), and a MBA from the London School of Economics (TRIUM).

Kurt Schmidt, MBA


Kurt Schmidt has 30+ years experience in entrepreneurial environments with a focus on start-up and early stage operations. He has been responsible for multiple facets of leadership including strategy, finance, operations and business expansion, by collaborating with Boards and CEO’s.
With professional experience in diverse industries including Biotech, Technology and FMCG, Mr. Schmidt has lived and worked in 3 countries (USA, Netherlands, France) and conducted business on 6 continents, providing him an ability to understand and operate in various cultures.

He has a BSBA in Business Administration from Franklin University and an MBA from Pepperdine University, The George L Graziadio School of Business and Management.

William Schmidt, PHD


Dr. William K. Schmidt, Head, NorthStar Consulting, is the Parliamentarian and a Past-President of the Eastern Pain Association, the largest regional affiliate of the American Pain Society. He has over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with a special emphasis on the discovery and development of novel analgesic and narcotic antagonist drugs.

He was previously VP of Clinical Development for CrystalGenomics (Seoul, South Korea) and its U.S. subsidiary, CG Pharmaceuticals (Emeryville, CA); Senior VP of Development at Limerick BioPharma in South San Francisco, CA; VP, Clinical Research, for Renovis, Inc., in South San Francisco, CA; and VP, Scientific Affairs and Acting VP, Clinical R&D, at Adolor Corporation in Exton, PA. At Adolor, Dr. Schmidt was a key member of the team leading to the clinical development, NDA filing, and FDA approval of Entereg® (alvimopan), a peripherally-acting opioid antagonist.

Currently as head of NorthStar Consulting, Dr. Schmidt serves as an expert on pain medicine pharmaceutical development with pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia. Dr. Schmidt received a BA from the University of California Berkeley and his PhD University of California-San Francisco.

Geoff Birkett


Geoff has over 25 years experience in Pharmaceuticals with focus on CNS/ Oncology/ Pain/ Addiction. This includes 18 years with AstraZeneca – SVP of Global Development and Marketing - CNS/ Oncology products.

He has launched 5 major market leading brands including Nicorette/ Prozac/ Seroquel/ Zomig.

Mr. Birkett served as CCO/ President with multiple Biotechs in in Pain/ Addiction space. Recently he consulted with several Pharmaceutical Companies on development strategy and marketing. Geoff studied Business at INSEAD, Paris.

Jeffrey Millard, PhD


Dr. Millard has both academic and industrial experience in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences covering all aspects of CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, and controls). He has been involved in both start-up biotech as well as small and mid-sized public biopharmaceutical companies.

Jeff has been directly responsible for R&D activities and writing of more than 7 IND submissions (to both CDER and CBER), and IMPDs. He has directed the CMC efforts from discovery and in-licensing through commercial launch activities.

His experience covers the API lifecycle (from synthetic route scouting, process chemistry, analytical chemistry development and validation, cGMP production and release of API, to QbD and process validation), and drug product development through manufacture.

Dr. Millard received a BA from Rice University and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Arizona.


To bring great drugs to the market, you need the best support and advice from the top experts.

Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Lynn Webster

Dr. Lynn Webster

Dr. Jeffrey Gudin

Dr. Jeffrey Gudin

Dr. Richard Dart

Dr. Richard Dart

Dr. Lynn Webster

Dr. Webster has dedicated more than three decades to becoming an expert in the field of pain management. He is the vice president of Scientific Affairs of PRA Health Sciences, past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, and a leading voice in trying to help physicians safely treat pain patients while actively working within the industry to develop safer and more effective therapies for chronic pain and addiction. He is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, and is also certified in addiction medicine.

Dr. Webster lectures extensively on the subject of preventing opioid abuse and criminal diversion in chronic pain patients. Dr. Webster has played an instrumental role in his industry as a strong advocate for safe and effective pain resolution methods.

Dr. Jeffrey Gudin

Dr. Gudin, MD is Director of Pain and Palliative Care at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey. He is board-certified in pain medicine, anesthesiology, addiction medicine and hospice/palliative medicine, in addition to being a medical acupuncturist.

An active speaker and advisor, Dr. Gudin’s clinical and research focus includes post-operative pain management, opioid abuse and potential solutions, and increasing clinician awareness of pain assessment and risk management.

Dr. Richard Dart

Since 1992, Dr. Dart has served as Director of the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center and specializes in emergency medicine and toxicology. He is certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and American Board of Medical Toxicology.

He is also the Executive Director of Researched Abuse, Diversion and Addiction-Related Surveillance System (RADARS). He has published more than 250 papers and chapters, as well as served as editor for the book "The 5-Minute Toxicology Consult" and the third edition of "Medical Toxicology."


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