Ensysce’s TAAP™ prodrug technology is a game changer in the abuse deterrent field


Ensysce Biosciences' proprietary abuse-resistant prodrug technology – the TAAP™ platform - is designed to improve the care of patients while reducing the human and economic costs associated with prescription drug abuse.

TAAP™ effectively resists chewing, crushing, injection, and inhalation; fails to release an active drug when subjected to simple extraction; and resists simple kitchen chemistry approaches that can be used to abuse other unprotected and abuse-resistant pill and tablet formulations.

Not only is our TAAP™ technology broadly applicable to all known opioids, it works with most medications that have the potential for abuse, such as attention deficit disorder products. Given the growing desire of multiple federal agencies, including the FDA, to transition to more abuse-resistant opioid drugs, our TAAP™ products are favorably positioned in the competitive landscape. 

In addition, Ensysce's Multi-Pill Abuse Resistant - MPAR™ - technology is designed to provide another layer of protection to our TAAP™ platform. MPAR™ is unique to the industry and designed not only to overcome abuse but to save lives by preventing overdose.

PF614 and PF329


PF614 is our lead abuse-resistant opioid drug is a proprietary prodrug of oxycodone.

The TAAP™ technology of PF614 prevents all non-oral use and provides an analgesic profile that is similar to oxycodone. Its tamper resistant composition makes it a leader in this field where others have relied just on the formulation approach to overcome abuse.  

Extended-release oxycodone had $2.8 billion in sales in 2012, and yet is subject to tampering and abuse that is associated with a significant number of deaths. Ensysce’s TAAP™ technology is poised to capture the opioid market share with PF614 and the other products in our pipeline.

In January 2018, the FDA granted Fast Track designation for development of PF614.


Similar to PF614 above, PF329 is an extended-release prodrug of hydromorphone which utilizes our proprietary TAAP™ and MPAR™ technologies.